Jermaine Gresham Pays Carry-On Fee For Desperate Passenger

Arizona Cardinals tight end Jermaine Gresham just sent the spirits of a fellow airport traveler soaring by paying her baggage fee when she couldn’t.

Delilah Cassidy wrote on Twitter Wednesday that she was blindsided by the airline’s policy that charged $50 for carry-ons. Forced to pay by credit card on the spot or miss her flight, Cassidy said her cards were declined because she just returned from Europe.

In stepped an “angel” who payed the charge with his card, allowing Cassidy to board, she said.

As she entered the cabin she still didn’t know the identity of her good Samaritan, whom she tried to pay back while he sat in first class. But he declined and simply asked her “to pay it forward.”

My heart is so happy,” she wrote. “There are good people in this world. Be that person for someone because I know after this I sure will be.”

The story got even better when Cassidy realized who did the good deed.

This do-gooder deserves a hand.

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