Trump returns to campaign mode in Tennessee ahead of midterms Video

  • Now Playing: Trump returns to campaign mode in Tennessee ahead of midterms

  • Now Playing: Embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens resigns from office

  • Now Playing: Former head of NK spy agency reportedly bound for US, meeting with Pompeo

  • Now Playing: Freshman Republican congressman decides to retire, citing alcoholism

  • Now Playing: Trump slammed for Memorial Day tweet

  • Now Playing: Sen. Elizabeth Warren talks immigration, ‘spygate’ conspiracy, North Korea summit

  • Now Playing: Ivanka Trump posts photo with son amid reports of missing children

  • Now Playing: GOP lawmaker to retire: ‘I’m an alcoholic’

  • Now Playing: Urgent preparations underway for Trump’s possible summit with North Korea

  • Now Playing: President Trump’s frequent golf trips outpace Obama’s

  • Now Playing: President Trump touts his accomplishments in Memorial Day tweet about fallen soldiers

  • Now Playing: On ‘sacred soil,’ Trump lauds those who’ve fallen in service

  • Now Playing: US diplomats in North Korea for summit negotiations

  • Now Playing: Trump and his legal team accuse Mueller of setting a ‘perjury trap’

  • Now Playing: US State Department confirms an American delegation is in North Korea

  • Now Playing: Trump ‘willing to throw almost anything against the wall:’ Former CIA director

  • Now Playing: NFL ‘caved’ to Trump and fan base with new policy: Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery

  • Now Playing: ‘No evidence to support spy theory:’ Top House Intel Committee Democrat

  • Now Playing: Sen. Marco Rubio: ‘North Korea will not denuclearize,’ Kim Jong Un’s efforts ‘all a show’

  • Now Playing: One-on-one with top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee

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