Apple reveals new iOS 12 features Video

  • Now Playing: Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

  • Now Playing: Apple reveals new iOS 12 features

  • Now Playing: Apple unveils iPhone addiction remedy at developers conference

  • Now Playing: Microsoft acquiring computer code site

  • Now Playing: Canon goes all digital

  • Now Playing: Consumer Reports changes its position Tesla Model 3

  • Now Playing: Woman sued after posting a 1-star Yelp review

  • Now Playing: Uber launches panic button to help riders

  • Now Playing: Russia linked malware attack on routers

  • Now Playing: Google Home outsells Amazon Echo

  • Now Playing: Alexa sends family’s private conversation to random contact

  • Now Playing: Top gadgets for emergencies

  • Now Playing: New accusations against Facebook

  • Now Playing: Amazon responds to story that Echo sent private talk to random contact

  • Now Playing: University of Central Florida develops LED fabric

  • Now Playing: How to charge your phone faster

  • Now Playing: Twitter users blocked by Trump may soon get a reprieve

  • Now Playing: Apple refunds customers who purchased battery replacements

  • Now Playing: Concerns grow over Amazon’s facial-recognition software

  • Now Playing: Guatemala eruption: Death toll rises over 60

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