Expired sunscreen alert Video – ABC News

  • Now Playing: Is your sunscreen expired? Here’s what you need to know

  • Now Playing: Glitter sunscreen is our new summer go to

  • Now Playing: What these parents want you to know about caring for a child diagnosed with PANDAS

  • Now Playing: Doctor explains PANDAS: How the psychological, neurological condition impacts brain

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  • Now Playing: What to know about heat stroke

  • Now Playing: Girl says she was afraid she was allergic to food and her own saliva

  • Now Playing: High-protein diets are trendy, but how much protein do you really need?

  • Now Playing: EPA inspector general’s office releases findings on Flint water crisis

  • Now Playing: Parents record 11-year-old son’s battle with rage, depression, anxiety and seizures

  • Now Playing: Expired sunscreen alert

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  • Now Playing: Urgent warning issued over Kellogg’s Honey Smacks

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