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Sad, linsey, thank you. To that majoror Ryan Lochte. The time gd medalist suspended from competitif this photo he posted Instagram and T.J. Holmes is hand the S a picture is worth a tand word thisne is worth a 14onth suspension. Get this, robin, he’s actuly not accused ofing but just of being adope,nce again, for now posting a picture of himself breakinghe rules and not taking a banned substance but taking it in od that isanned. Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte banned from competitive swimming until01 for violg an ti-doping rule. Lochte inadvertently outed himself to the. Anti-doping agency when he pd this showing him receiving a prohibited I.V. Vitamin infusion alongside his wife. Involved. I have been ihe sport for a LG timnd I’ve as bee diligent inin that — making sure that I knowhat I N and cannot put in my Bo I just didn’t know this was allowed. Most athletes do noteith if I did, I never wouldave done it. It’s obvious THA would N have posted a picture. Reporter: The14-month suspension comes as the swimmer was opposed to be making a comeback in preparationor the 2020 olympics R serving previous month suspsion for H behavior during a drunken incident at the01 games I Rio. Just oneonth L Lochte addressed the incidt on “Dancing with the S.” My bigge regret is letting R P down. This is my sce. And I don’t want to bit. Eporter:he longtime U.S. Ming starhoecame a house name at don games sported these American flag grills and CD new word on his e!ty to. It’slled j-a-h. Reporter: He’sing for a ird chance to get back in the G. E I. Vicious inte, you have to be cleawasing V vitamins. If heght them in pill form, no problem. It can dilute a drug sample I.V. Form. Nk you, T.J. Back toginger. Checkinn on the car F

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