Trump says he watched Obama’s speech but ‘fell asleep’ Video

  • Now Playing: Trump says he watched Obama’s speech but ‘fell asleep’

  • Now Playing: Obama on anonymous NYT op-ed: ‘That’s not how our democracy is supposed to work’

  • Now Playing: Obama blasts Republicans for failing to reign in Trump

  • Now Playing: Supreme Court confirmation hearing

  • Now Playing: President Trump sounds off at Michigan rally

  • Now Playing: President Trump slams Woodward book on Twitter

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh declines answering questions about Trump comments

  • Now Playing: Obama urges Americans to vote, says consequences of not voting are ‘dire’

  • Now Playing: Roger Stone associate appears before Mueller grand jury

  • Now Playing: Democrats release confidential emails at SCOTUS hearing

  • Now Playing: Rudy Giuliani says Trump won’t answer obstruction questions

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh grilled on abortion, Russia investigation

  • Now Playing: Trump blasts anonymous NYT op-ed writer at rally

  • Now Playing: Trump attacks Democrats for ‘sick’ attacks against Judge Kavanaugh

  • Now Playing: Former Trump campaign adviser faces sentencing

  • Now Playing: Trump White House speculates who wrote NYT op-ed

  • Now Playing: Former Trump administration staffer talks anonymous op-ed

  • Now Playing: Battle over unreleased documents continues during day 3 of Kavanaugh hearing

  • Now Playing: Is anonymous New York Times op-ed treason?

  • Now Playing: Democrat releases ‘confidential’ emails as Kavanaugh hearing heats up

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