Uber and Lyft to face competition from Waymo Video

  • Now Playing: New partnership hopes to make self-driving cars a reality

  • Now Playing: New Self-Driving Minivans To Hit the Road

  • Now Playing: Uber and Lyft to face competition from Waymo

  • Now Playing: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram suffer temporary outage

  • Now Playing: Limes may be lemons

  • Now Playing: Black Friday ads released early

  • Now Playing: Samsung plans to present its new flip smartphone

  • Now Playing: Online retail giants offering free shipping deals this holiday season

  • Now Playing: Amazon to split new headquarters between 2 cities

  • Now Playing: Amazon gives holiday gift to customers

  • Now Playing: Homeowner yells through doorbell to stop potential burglars

  • Now Playing: Online holiday sales skyrocket ahead of Cyber Monday and Black Friday

  • Now Playing: Google employees stage worldwide walkouts

  • Now Playing: Female employees protest Google’s handling of sexual harassment

  • Now Playing: Uber launches new safety feature

  • Now Playing: Apple unveiled iPad pro that features facial recognition

  • Now Playing: New line of Apple products

  • Now Playing: Apple expected to announce new devices and operating system

  • Now Playing: Why you should purge forgotten ‘zombie’ accounts online

  • Now Playing: IBM buys software company Redhat

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