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We’re back now with easy ways to save on your holiday road trip. More than 100 million people are expected to drive to their destination this week. Our Paula Faris is one of them. She has a few ways to keep your life easier. We are smarter today with our glasses. It is spec Friday. If I were smarter I wouldn’t take it with my kids. Busiest travel day of the year. Yes, we’re channeling our Clark Griswold so my husband and I and our dog and three kids are going to be traveling back to the midwest this afternoon to Indiana and Michigan and I know when you’re on the road it’s all about efficiency of time and efficiency of money and start out with toll guru. When you go to waze it will tell you how much time you will save and avoid the tolls but you don’t know what that means in your pocketbook but if you go to toll guru, you open it up. Let’s start our address. We’ll begin with times square going to Indiana so submit. This is going to tell you the fastest way and the cheapest way. Fastest is $41 more. You’re paying on the bottom line, $44 in toll. The cheapest route right now it’s $41 cheaper but only eight minutes slower. That’s significant. That’s a full tank of gas. A lot have heard of gas buddy. Another free app out there for quite a while and tracks the cheapest gas in your area. I was blown away how much we would save back and forth. Driving a midsize SUV and driving roughly 1500 miles and another 40 bucks. We are at about $160 we saved. It’s worth it if you’re going to go on one of these extended road trips. If you use toll guru and gas buddy, how much can you save? 120 bucks. That’s for you specifically. Just for us on this specific trip. As I said that will go towards our family therapy session. Speaking of family therapy, there’s way to keep kids Happ they’re always asking for food and drink. My kids want to know where are we going to eat and stay. Many there are similar ones but this is called exit. My kids want to go to McDonald’s. I want to go to panera and I — my husband wants to go to arby’s. I’ll download all those apps. Please think of us this afternoon as we’re driving and embarking on this journey. Enjoy — it’s not the destination but it’s the journey, Paula. When downloading an app always read the fine print. There’s always something more than what you think.

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