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Tomorrow, no checks will go out to those furloughed government workers. Nearly a million of them. Other workers will not get back pay. And look at this tonight. Demonstrations in Oregon, in Chicago, at the irs building in Kentucky, and in Washington, D.C., across this country. And tonight, the coast guard is out with this memo, advice to its workers who are not getting paid, telling them to be creative without their pay, have a garage sale, offer to watch children, walk pets, housesit, become a mystery shopper. ABC’s Steve osunsami with workers across this country who say this isn’t politics, this is their lives. Is working without pay okay? No! Reporter: Government workers across the country are taking their anger with Washington to the streets tonight. The bills keeps coming, they don’t stop. Reporter: These are people who are missing this week’s paycheck and won’t get another one for who knows how long. I got rent due at the end of this month. I have bills I need to pay in the meantime, and I’m not able to collect a paycheck. Reporter: About 420,000 only this still have to show up at work. Dan Mccabe is an air traffic controller in suburban Atlanta who’s working for free tonight. My worry now is, we’re standing in it. Reporter: How to keep it. How to keep it. Reporter: He and his wife Heather, a schoolteacher, worry they could lose their home if the shutdown lasts. The government has suggested they call their lender to make a deal, which they did. They said, well, we’re really sorry that you’re going through this, but you have 30 days to get your payment in full, and after 30 days, we report you to the creditors. I mean, we’re not driving the bus on this. We’re under the bus on this. Reporter: Some of their bosses are giving them advice on how to get through this. In this tip sheet, the coast guard suggests people throw garage sales, babysit children or walk the neighbor’s dog for extra cash. Steve osunsami with us live outside Atlanta tonight. And Steve, president trump has said that most of these workers not getting paid support what he’s doing right now. Reporter: Well, the people we talked with today, David, answered that question tactfully, saying that their concerns are more immediate than a wall, such as paying for child care, paying the power bill. And they want the president to solve this. David? Steve osunsami with us tonight, as well. Thank you, stooecht.

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