Mark Bittman Is Starting a Food Magazine at Medium

Alongside Mr. Bittman at Salty are Melissa McCart, the dining critic for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Daniel Meyer, a former restaurant critic for Time Out New York; and Kate Bittman, Mr. Bittman’s daughter and a public relations consultant.

Salty is one of several publications planned by Medium. Digiday reported in February that the site was hiring for four original online publications. So far, there are OneZero, on technology, and Human Parts, a health publication that Medium recently revitalized.

Ev Williams, the founder and chief executive of Medium, said more original publications and partnerships were in the works. Among them are a quarterly publication, GAY, created with the author Roxane Gay, a contributing opinion writer for The Times.

Last year, Medium invested $5 million in publishing. This year, Mr. Williams said, it’s “several multiples of that.” The new publications are meant to increase the number of Medium subscribers, who pay $5 a month or $50 a year.

“It’s a really good thing that the market is being retrained to pay for quality content,” Mr. Williams said.

Medium is free of ads, and its chief executive plans to keep it that way.

“We’re optimistic that there’s a better way for creators and consumers of information,” Mr. Williams said. “Once the market breaks its addiction to advertising, that will be better for everybody.”

The size and budget of each new publication will vary. Salty will receive bigger investment than others, he said, although he did not disclose how much. “He’s cutting edge in his category, and he has a following,” Mr. Williams said of Mr. Bittman.

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